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The bacterial vaginsosis cure

If your a women out there going through embarresment of going in public because of feeling uncomfortable or even of course the smell from your bacterial vaginosis. Here is some promising information from my own experience and research that may help you.

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Many women think that douching is a good way to keep our vaginas clean, but in all actuality douching is removing the good bacteria and causes damage to the interior lining.   Douching actually increases the chances of getting bacterial vaginosis, so stop doing it so often.   In fact, by stopping, you are allowing your vagina to heal and good bacteria to do it’s job.


At first it sounded great, so I went to the nearest convenient store and got myself what I read about as a common over the counter bv treatment, plain yogurt and garlic cloves. Of course I got these two items from research ive done off the web. So what I did first was applied yogurt to my tampon all around it, and I inserted it into my vagina. I let it sit for about 3 hours to let the natural supplements from the yogurt to be delivered,  yogurt has natural probiotics in it. After a few days I did the same thing once a day. I saw no difference in odor and was still having discharges.

I then tried the garlic strategy which I was personally kind of hesitant on doing because of just how it sounds. If you did not know, garlic is actually a natrual antioxidant. It will kill all bad bacteria. It sounded great to me, I tried it and it just didnt work out like i was hoping. After I did more research, I found  antioxidants just dont kill away bad bacteria they kill away all bacteria, including good bacteria. So in this case of no bacteria being left in your vagina your vagina is more open to taking in bad bacteria.

So its always good to just keep a steady balance of bacteria in your vagina. antioxidants are not the idea. A healthy lifestyle and mindset is the key!